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About Me

How I Practice

Therapy gives us the opportunity to be curious about who we are and empowers us to choose our future. I strive to provide a supportive, nonjudgmental environment in which you can explore what may be interfering with your ability to find true self-expression and engage in meaningful relationships. My work is informed by psychodynamic concepts within a social justice lens. I believe that we all have capacities for growth and healing. Therapy provides us a space to listen more deeply to ourselves, develop insight, and choose our path forward.

I believe that both our individual experiences and the social worlds we inhabit shape our unconscious and impact how we move through the world. I work to create a safe, supportive therapeutic relationship where an individual can explore their internal world and find the freedom to live their most fulfilling life.


I received my MSW from Smith College School for Social Work. From there, I moved to Boston to deepen my study of trauma and systemic violence with a postgraduate fellowship at the Victims of Violence program at Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School. After completing that program, I dove into more psychodynamic study with the Massachusetts Institute of Psychoanalysis (MIP) with their postgraduate fellowship. I expanded my work to include couples therapy and studied with the Psychodynamic Couples and Families Institute of New England (PCFINE). I am currently pursuing intensive psychoanalytic training at MIP’s four year training in analysis.