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Consultation and Supervision


There are times in the clinical situation we find ourselves needing another mind to help gain perspective and clarity in moving forward. Therapy, especially when clients have experienced relational trauma, can be a complex and delicate endeavor. This is where some brief consultation can be helpful in unsticking an impasse or navigating a crunch moment. It can also be helpful to consult in order to better understand the impact of trauma on the client’s presentation and current symptoms. 


As a clinician, I know that holding space for our clients can be a challenging task, especially if we are feeling alone in this. Psychotherapy requires support for the therapist so that they can show up more fully for clients. I work to provide a supportive environment where we can look together at what is happening clinically. I believe that we can show up more fully as therapists if we have space for how clinical work impacts us. I also know how important and grounding having theory and an intellectual understanding of what is happening in managing our own experiences doing this complex and challenging work. I believe that curiosity can buoy us through the difficult parts of providing therapy. I provide ongoing supervision to folks who are looking to support and deepen their clinical work especially as it relates to working with trauma.